Learning Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is having the knowledge to use a variety of technologies for different purposes. According to Marijke Visser, who is from the digital literacy task force says, “Digital Literacy is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills.” Being able to be technology savvy is going to be very important as a teacher. I will have to stay up on the new devices that come out and be able to try new apps with my students. I will have to demonstrate digital fluency to my students. By showing how to use technology respectful and how to be successful and safe in the digital world. Someone who is “digitally literate” has a good sense of the 8 elements in terms of their digital skills. These 8 elements are cultural, cognitive, constructive, communicative, confident, creative, critical, and civic. These elements can be contextual and can depend on the personal, social and cultural context within which they develop. All of these elements provide a foundation for teachers to build on with their students. Digital literacy in the classroom looks like students who are engaged in multi-media that can interpret text, sounds, and images. Students need to have knowledge on how to navigate through web searches and be able to find appropriate references for assignments. They should be able to distinguish between a good source and a bad one.  Today it seems more students have a better understanding of technology than their teachers themselves. This needs to be changed so we can guarantee that our students get the best education possible. Being able to understand search engines, email, PowerPoints, blogs, etc. is something I’ve done before and am very digital literate in these areas. I’ve had to take many online classes and I’ve taken web design, web animation, and coding before in high school. I think it’s important to incorporate technology into the main classroom instead of having a separate class for learning technology skills. I know that new technology comes out what seems like everyday, but I think as a teacher it’s a necessity to be up to date on the new devices and apps. Trial and error is something I plan on doing in my classroom. Try it for the first year and if it’s not successful than I can change it. I’ve taken a class that was revolved around technology. This class made me get out of my comfort zone of just using generic Microsoft slides, and instead opened me up to new apps that are out there that provide great learning and are fun. In order to be an effective digital learner and leader I have to stay up to date on new technology tools, and keep broadening my skills in these areas.

Picture taken from The Odyssey Online



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