You Can Always Change It

For my independent – learning project I decided to find art projects on Pinterest. Pinterest is a social network that allows users to find new interests or projects and “pin” to their boards. Pinterest has given me lots of ideas for classroom experiments and also art projects like the one I did today. I chose art projects for my independent – learning because it is something I enjoy doing, but is also something I can improve on and learn more about different techniques.

Taken by THE LAMP

The project I chose to do today was a project based around using a canvas. I filled up balloons with acrylic paint and threw darts at the canvas. This made the balloons pop and the paint to splatter and run down the canvas. Here are the supplies I used: two different kinds of thumbtacks, acrylic paint, white balloons, a canvas, and garbage bags. Once I started the project I used a bunch of towels because it was very messy.

The most time consuming step for this project was filling the balloons with paint and tying the balloon. It took me at least an hour and a half to fill all 24 balloons with paint. The first couple of balloons I filled up were small and took me forever to tie. After those first couple of trials I soon became quick in tying and also filling the balloon with more paint and blowing the balloon up bigger. I had to stretch the balloon out before I filled with paint just to make sure I’d have enough room for the paint.

As soon as I got all 24 balloons filled up with paint I used the thumbtacks to stick the balloons onto the canvas. Yes, I know it made some tiny holes in the canvas but I knew the paint would cover it up. I went with blues, purples, and pinks because those are colors I love seeing together. Since I am such a perfectionist I had to step back many times to see if the colors were going to blend together well. IMG_3766Once I was happy with how the balloons were laid out on the canvas I went ahead and got my area ready. This area was out in the garage where if I happen to throw the dart and it hit something I wouldn’t be too worried about it. For this I just covered the area I was going to use with garbage bags and tape. IMG_3767Next came the really fun part! I actually got to throw darts at the balloons like The Princess Diaries. I have to admit the first couple of throws went into the wall or bounced off the balloon and came flying back at me. I had a really hard time popping the balloons and after the dart flying backwards a bunch of times I decided to change my project. I stuck my hand in the paint and started blending in the colors. IMG_3768At first I loved how it was turning out. It was very abstract with the different tones of colors but even then I wasn’t happy with it. So I blended everything in and took some paint and drizzled it along the top. IMG_3771Once I got to this step both my hands were saturated in paint because of the purple you see in the above picture. I had the moment of panic because my hands were covered in paint and the door was closed and my phone was in my pocket. Yup you guessed it. There went my nice jeans. After I got cleaned up I came back and sat in front of the canvas wondering if I liked it or not. My sister joined me in the garage expecting to see the balloon project only to see my canvas like this. She kept repeating that she actually liked it! I wasn’t fond of it and I knew I had to do something even though she kept telling me I should keep it the way it was.

The above picture is what I decided to do. I thought well maybe I will sponge the colors just to give a little texture. Of course I didn’t have a sponge so I had to improvise and I found a paint roller that can be used on walls. I found like three of them! I went ahead and practiced on the garbage bag before I decided to go ahead and use it. I’m actually very pleased how this project turned out. The things I would do differently is: fill the balloons full of paint and blow the balloons up bigger in order for it to actually have the splatter affect. This is a project I would do again but like I mentioned I would do things differently. I was able to change my project with just using creativity. I didn’t know the balloon idea wouldn’t work since this was my first time doing this project, but I saw how the paint dripped down when I was able to pop some balloons so I just applied that to what the canvas is now. If you don’t like how something looks than change it.


10 thoughts on “You Can Always Change It”

  1. I absolutely LOVE Pinterest. It is basically a whole virtual world of anything you could ever think of. Kudos to you for trying out art projects. I don’t think I would have the patience to do something like that. With us being future teachers, I urge you to look up lesson ideas for your subject area on Pinterest. I have found so many good one for physical education and I am positive there are many good ideas for all other subject areas, too!


    1. I have actually used Pinterest to find experiments for students I was teaching for an after school program. I found how students can create their own volcano eruption or how to create a landslide! My students loved the experiments that I incorporated into the lessons and I found all of them on Pinterest. I absolutely love Pinterest as well!

      Shania 🙂


  2. I absolutely love Pinterest! Since I started using it though, I have only done recipes. I have pinned many projects to do(mostly around my home) but I have tried any of them. This inspires me to look at my pins and find something more artistic to do! This looks fun, and I could get both of my boys involved in it.


  3. I, too, am a fellow lover of all things Pinterest! I think this is such a cool project and it reminds me so much of the first Princess Diaries movie when Princess Mia and her mother are doing this same project! I hope that you find a multitude of interesting projects and will be checking back to see what other artsy things you come up with!


  4. I am certain that you will find an abundance of projects! I also love pinterest and have to say that I have indeed done my share of projects. I do most projects for my children’s classrooms. It is so easy to find so many cute ideas. Good luck!


  5. I love Pinterest! I use it all the time for most everything! I also really love your project. That seems like such a fun activity. I have also used Pinterest to give me ideas on activities to use in the classroom.


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