Be Successful

The TED Talk video that I found for this blog was Programming Your Mind for Success with Carrie Green. The video started out with Carrie asking for a volunteer. As you can guess not many stood up and said they’d come on up. Why is this though? I know that I would be of those individuals who has a million scenarios going through their heads. The fear of the unknown, for example, what if I look stupid or I can’t do it? Having obstacles in the way, for example, being too far away from the front stage. Or is it the lack of motivation and the mindset that someone else will volunteer. Maybe it’s all three of these.

Photo Taken from Dawn Ferguson

What ever the reason why some of the individuals in the audience didn’t volunteer was because of their decisions that started in their minds. I’ve done this many times when I was sitting in the front row and the presenter asked for a volunteer. I would quick say under my breath “Please don’t pick me. Please don’t pick me”, and I would avoid eye contact. I feel students blend themselves into their environment. Because they don’t want to be embarrassed or made fun of by their peers. Why is this okay? It all starts from inside our minds. Our minds are powerful and sometimes can hold us back from opportunities. What is going on in our heads has such a huge impact on our actions we take, decisions we make, and the things we experience. We miss out on amazing opportunities because of our mindset. We often think to ourselves that we aren’t good enough and that we can’t do something. Or in some situations that we will just do it tomorrow and we never get back around to it. We don’t get back to it and then these incredible opportunities stay locked inside or we miss out on them.

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What I’ll take away from this TED Talks video is that to be successful you have to know what you want. I want my students to find their dreams, what makes them happy, and be able to explore their strengths and weaknesses. To help be there as a support if their heads get filled with doubts that they aren’t good enough or that they can’t be successful. Tony Robbins said, “Your destiny is determined by the choices you make. Choose now. Choose well.” The steps to success mentioned from the video is: 1. What you want to achieve, 2. Why you want to achieve it, 3. What kind of person do you have to become to make it happen, and 4. Program your mind to make it happen. I want my students to program their mind to make their dreams a reality. To be able to have the power to take over negative thoughts with positive ones, and to visualize themselves making it to their goals.

Success is no accident.



3 thoughts on “Be Successful”

  1. I think that this is TED talk has a great point. I often struggle with not completing certain things for fear of failure. I also find myself avoiding being picked on in certain situations because I’m too afraid to do something wrong. I would like to use this idea a lot for myself. I know that if you put failure out of your mind, it can be much easier to succeed.


  2. Relating this post to the TED talk that I watched, which by the way have a lot of major strategy in common, success is not by chance but rather by choice. We all have our own individual motivations and those motivating factors are what drives our choices we make in our lives. Basically if we want something bad enough we all make choices to get there, and if we don’t get there, we clearly didn’t want it enough as much as we want to blame everything else in the world it’s our own mind that didn’t allow the passion to create a path for us to get there.


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