Melting Point

This weeks independent – learning project was once again found on Pinterest. Prior to doing this project I experimented with crayons on a canvas board. I found many creative projects using crayons on a canvas. The previous time I did a crayon project I laid the crayons out across the top and used a hairdryer to melt the crayons downwards. This was a huge mess and took me hours to clean up off of the floor. Fast forward to this new project I tried and am blogging about for this week.

For this project I needed crayons, a fork, a canvas board, a hairdryer, scissors, and garbage bags to protect the floors from the mess. I saw on Pinterest that the crayons were unwrapped, so I decided to take the paper off from around them. This took time to do!

After I got my work area ready I thought of the possible ideas I had of where to even begin. If I wanted to start melting the crayon in the middle of the canvas, or if I wanted to start at a corner and work my way to the corner adjacent from where I started. Tossing out all of these ideas I jumped right in. Since I am a fan of the color blue I went with those shades I had first. This is what I started working with :

IMG_3978I loved the way this was looking! The above picture reminded me of a coral reef and since I love the ocean I was all for doing the whole canvas like this. I knew I had a lot more colors to explore with and use, and I wasn’t sure how it was going to look but I went for it.

If I was doing this again I would probably cut the crayons into smaller pieces because instead of the coral reef look I was wanting the colors blended together, and I didn’t want to leave a huge layer of melted crayon in sections of the canvas. It didn’t look smooth or blended. These above pictures are the process that lead up to my final piece. The colors together reminded me of space and galaxies. Thinking of my learning process through this project it was great to understand where I should be putting the colors. If an area needed a little more “pop” I added bright colors like the red and pinks. I loved how the edges of the shapes formed. The edges around the shapes that you see in the above pictures were the layers I was mentioning previously. I ended up loving the layers!

The different textures that I got from doing the melted crayon was amazing. Make sure you click the above pictures to see the different textures that I mentioned. My final piece reminds me of watercolor. This is something an artist could replicate on a canvas using paint. Final thoughts on this piece is extremely positive and I’m still in awe of how it all turned out. I was not expecting this piece to be one of my favorites. Let me know your thoughts! What I love about this project is that I can always go back in and melt more crayons if I see a spot that needs more color or a different shape.


4 thoughts on “Melting Point”

  1. I just really love seeing what you create each week! I love the idea of melting crayons to make something extraordinary! I think it is really interesting that you are learning as you go and making mistakes you wouldn’t make again, because that is what we will strive to teach our students! Great job!

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