Mosaic Art

For this weeks independent learning project I decided to get out the old blank CD’s. I found this project once again on Pinterest. The project on Pinterest is an idea for gift wrapping, but I decided to try the same idea only on a canvas. My supply list included: old CD’s, a canvas, scissors, Mod Podge, paint brush, hairdryer, hot glue gun, and glitter. The Pinterest project didn’t include Mod Podge or glitter, but I added glitter to the background and I needed the Mod Podge to help the glitter stick to the canvas.

The first thing I did was I found an old canvas that I started using but never finished the painting. Since I was using black glitter I didn’t think it would be an issue. I used my paint brush to dip into the Mod Podge and I put a hefty amount onto the canvas to get a good stick. I was doing this on the counter space but I decided to take it over to the sink because I know how glitter can get everywhere. I sprinkled on the black glitter first and than went back over it with the pink.


I went ahead and blended the glitter with the Mod Podge with my paint brush. I was using my fingers but that got quite messy. I know Mod Podge takes a day to dry so I went ahead and took a hairdryer and went over the canvas to quick dry before placing the cut CD pieces.

I had 5 old CD’s that were laying around. I’m sure I could’ve used more. The great thing about this project is I can go back and add more CD pieces if I don’t think the 5 CD pieces will be enough. Cutting the CD’s was hard work, so I decided to get that out of the way and cut all 5 CD’s and put the pieces in a storage container.


The next step to this project was trying to figure out the best placement for the cut pieces. Then my sister gave me the idea to just abstractly place the CD pieces so it’s not just in a straight line down the canvas. I was only going to do a straight line because I was worried I might not have enough pieces to do the whole canvas. Once I started laying the pieces down it came easy. I would put some hot glue on the bottom and than stick the CD piece where I thought it would look the best at. IMG_4173

The picture to the right is not the final piece, but I thought I’d include the steps and the process. I used the big pieces of CD as the bottom and then I went back in with smaller pieces to get the 3D look.

I decided to do this project because I love that when you put a CD up to the light there is a rainbow across the wall. I’m excited to see how the different pieces work with the light hitting on them. I didn’t want to have a straight line so I made the pieces be in different directions and also coming off the canvas. I thought the picture above looked really amazing with the rainbow colors showing exactly what I wanted. The black background really makes the colors pop too.

The final project turned out amazing and I’m very happy with the results. Like I said previously I may come back in and add more CD’s. What I like about this project is how the light hits the CD’s and the color reflections. This is going to be a great piece to add to my wall of art projects.


4 thoughts on “Mosaic Art”

  1. Wow this is so cool! I wish I had more time to dedicate to trying some cool projects like this. I really like the glitter background it makes the pieces pop with more colors.


  2. Hi, that is is creative way to recycle both the canvas and the Cd’s!
    I have helped my daughter with a project similar to this one however she used class rather that CD’s. She did give one as gift and hit was a hit (hint, hint).
    Where will you hang it?


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