The Power of Technology

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After watching the video of Paul Miller’s TED Talk,  and reading both of the articles for this week I’ve realized that I’m on social media a lot. Every morning I’m on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. These are the three main sites I use to stay connected with friends, family, and news.

When doing this weeks homework I did catch myself on social media when I was trying to listen to the TED Talk video and when I was trying to read. My phone kept going off with snapchats and I would reach for my phone, answer them, and try to continue where I left off. Just like the article “What Happens When Teens Try To Disconnect From Tech For Three Days” and “Simplify the Internet” I had a hard time concentrating on homework while my phone kept buzzing. Even right now it’s going off and the temptations are there to pick my phone up and respond.

I don’t believe we use technology mindfully at times. If that’s searching the web or being on social media. For instance, instead of getting this blog done I have Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat open and responding and checking when I finish a sentence or hear a buzz. From the time it takes me to finish this blog I could’ve probably written two.

When it comes to dinner and sitting down at a restaurant though I do not have my phone out checking texts or social media. I have noticed that my grandmother is the one to be on her phone responding to text messages. It gets really awkward when I’m trying to sit there and have a conversation with her and there is a wall there. She’s nodding but not fully involved in the conversation. It drives my sister and I crazy when she does that.

There are a lot of accidents when it comes to texting while driving. I think when you’re driving that your phone should be in your pocket and not taken out until you’ve reached your destination. I’ve had one experience where I was changing my music on my phone and I almost hit another vehicle, so my believe has formed from that one scary experience. Which it’s a good thing to be fully aware of traffic, stop lights, and pedestrians.

There has to be a balance between internet use and life in general. When my cousins come up to visit they’re always on their phones. It’s sometimes very hard to even have a conversation with them. I know the temptation is there because right at our hands we have a device that can do anything and everything. I think sometimes it’s best if we disconnect ourselves from our devices and go do something outdoors or try new things. There’s so many opportunities out in our world that we sometimes lose sight of because our heads are down looking at our phone screens.

So I challenge everyone to put our phones away for a day or maybe even 4 hours and go do something we’ve been missing out on or that we love doing! Our phones will still be there and nothing will have changed. Maybe a few new posts here and there on Facebook but that’s it. We shouldn’t be caught up in checking what everyone posts. We should be first doing what we love to do.



4 thoughts on “The Power of Technology”

  1. I also found facebook very distracting while I was trying to listen to this Ted Talk. I also noticed that I have a really hard time focusing when I do not feel very well, and my allergies have been killing me. It is nice to know that I am not the only one that struggles to focus with all of this technology that is in my face.

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    1. I think social media is very distracting when I’m trying to do my homework. But it feels it’s a routine for me to open them up on my tabs and then start my homework. I have Twitter and Facebook open on my computer and than my phone is buzzing with Snapchat.


  2. Hi, I think this topic is so important it does effect work, family and personal lives. It is incredibly difficult to do business or share a meal without being distracted by a ‘tweet’ or a reminder. Sometimes all I want to do is walk out of my door without my laptop and phone.
    Just this morning I was sharing coffee with a friend and her 12-year-old daughter. I left my phone in the car and missed several calls, texts and e-mails from my husband. He was very concerned after the first few misses because he is aware I am always online! While having coffee my friend took several calls and both she and her daughter brought Pinterest up on their phones for conversation starters. What happened to sharing just a cup of coffee?
    I welcome the challenge to disconnect…. after the semester ends!

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  3. I find myself on my phone when I am out to eat with my family. My husband is on his and our kids are usually coloring. So I feel like I need to check my Facebook, even if I don’t. I need to stop doing that, and to encourage my husband to do the same. I agree, it would be good to disconnect, I may challenge my husband.

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