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For my independent learning project this week I decided to find a drawing on Pinterest that I liked and thought I’d try to draw it myself. This is different from all of the projects I’ve done so far and I thought I’d try my drawing skills out. The picture I chose from Pinterest to draw was a lily.

The one on the left is a picture of the one I was looking at, while the one on the right was my actual drawing. I found this project to be very difficult because of trying to make the flower look 3D. The picture on the left looks like the peddles actually curl under. My drawing on the right looks like the peddles are flat.

I’m still very happy with my drawing and I took awhile for me to be happy with the outcome.

The two articles for this week were “Tech Review: Online Creation Tools Piktochart and Canva” and “Take 5: Comic Book/Strip Creation Tools”. Both of this articles were interesting to read and also gave me some great resources to use if I want to create a comic book/strip or use an app to create.

The sources that were listed on “Take 5: Comic Book/ Strip Creation Tools” can be used with my students in a creative way. Some of them are apps while others go into a web browser. The one I explored on was ToonDoo .


On ToonDoo you can create a comic book/strip and use some of the tools they provide to you. Like characters, backgrounds, speech bubbles, etc. The process was pretty easy. I didn’t use any of the tools they provided besides the shrink and zoom in. I used pictures I took from the Internet and also my own pictures for this comic strip.

I would use comic books/strips in the classroom if my students were writing. I would have them tell their story with a comic. This could be very creative and fun for students, and not every student will have the exact story or drawing. There are many more apps and websites that can be explored. The ones on these articles are just the tip of the iceberg, and I think students would have a fun way in presenting their comic books/strips to the classroom.

The comic strip I used for my independent learning project included the Pinterest logo, in the middle is art supplies, and lastly is my drawing.



2 thoughts on “Tech Learning”

  1. Good for you, tackling a drawing like that! It sounds like it was a good learning experience, too. Your comment on how it took you a while to actually like the outcome of your drawing got me thinking. You could make that a lesson for a student if they feel that they may not like the outcome of something. You can let them know that however they created it is unique to them and that no one else will ever make anything like it. Let students know that as long as they are exploring their creative side, they are doing awesome!

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