Attention Log

I didn’t know how consumed I am in social media until I completed my attention log. I am mostly on Facebook and Snapchat. If I’m not working on homework I am scrolling through social media seeing what all of my friends post. I found this to be a waste of my time. Instead of seeing how much fun everyone else is having outside I should’ve been outside doing the things I love.

I’ve always tried to multitask with my everyday life. But when it comes to doing homework and sitting down to write a blog I become easily distracted. My phone goes off every time I try to finish a sentence, and I usually do finish the sentence and then I check my phone, respond, and go back to the blog post. This for me needs to stop. I feel like I could make more progress without having my phone in my hand all the time. I know I’d be more focused on the task.

  • 4/29/2017
    • Phone, while laying in bed early in the morning, my TV was on low playing some country music
    • About 20 minutes by the time I was done scrolling through social media
    • I didn’t have a goal for this session. I just woke up at 2 am and thought I’d check out social media so see what everyone was up to during the hours I was sleeping.
    • I felt relaxed at this time while I was waiting to fall back asleep. I enjoyed listening to my music on low. I feel this does help me sleep as well as if I do wake up it would be easy for me to go back to sleep.
  • 4/29/2017
    • Laptop, while I was working on homework for this week before being due on Sunday
    • About 2 – 3 hours in my room with the door closed, family out in the living room
    • During the time I was working on homework I had my Facebook open on my computer as well as Spotify going. Sometimes music helps me think better, but today it was distracting as well as Facebook.
    • It’s not productive for me to have Facebook open as it just becomes a distraction. I caught myself sitting to think about what I write next as I clicked on my Facebook tab and browsed and replied to others. I would come back to my blog post and not be able to remember where I left off.
    • If I didn’t have the distraction of social media during my homework time I believe my blog post would’ve only taken an hour at most to write instead of 2 hours.
  • 4/30/2017
    • Phone, while I was on break at work, sitting in my car
    • About 25 minutes, the length of my break is 30 minutes long
    • I felt pretty tired and I needed to get out of the work setting for just a few so I went to my car and got on my phone. I replied to text messages and also checked my Facebook.
    • I wanted to be going home instead of going back to work but I had a couple more hours of my shift left and Sundays is the restaurants busiest day out of the week.
  • 5/1/2017
    • Laptop, sitting on the couch with my computer and phone on my lap
    • About 2 hours, I had CSC, Facebook, and Snapchat open on my computer and phone
    • I went through my assignments for this weeks ENG 361 class. Making a written list of everything I needed to get done.
    • I felt stressed as I’m trying to make sure all of my classes are completed proficiently and on time.
    • I had to keep reminding myself to stay on task and finish my homework. I did catch myself looking on social media throughout trying to complete my assignments.
  • 5/2/2017
    • Phone, sitting in my car after work
    • About 15 minutes
    • I was tired when I got off work and I felt down. The weather really affects my moods. I’m more of a sunny kind of gal. During the time of sitting in my car it was raining and I was on social media.
    • I scrolled through Facebook, checked on my Instagram, and responded to my Snapchat.
    • Instead of heading home I decided to browse through my social media, which was a waste of time when I could’ve been home doing more important things with my time.

Social media really takes a lot of my time away from the important things. I want to try to work on not being dependent on logging in to my accounts. It’s kind of a habit for me to do this. My goals for this summer is to not be on social media as much and to actually go out and go hiking or fishing. Spend quality time with my friends and family, and not be so consumed by missing out on what everyone is saying.


2 thoughts on “Attention Log”

  1. Finding that balance is hard…between taking classes online and then spending any extra time I have on social media, I feel like I am plugged in 24/7. I’m also looking forward to the chance to step away from it all a little bit this summer and not be so consumed. Hoping you can find that balance as well this summer! Great post.

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  2. Hello,
    I agree with Savannah finding balance is difficult. Your log is very detailed, I think that shows your commitment to this exercise. Isn’t knowing where you spend your time enlightening?

    Here’s a story for you regarding social media

    Just this morning I encountered a very nice lady at a store who is a ‘friend’ of mine on fb, she and I did not have a single thing to say to one another in person! So now, more than ever I am solid in my opinion that social media is an platform that I need to visit infrequently. It sucks my valuable time down a black hole and I will never get that time back.

    Good Luck to you finding your balance!

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